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Sociology 475 Winter, 2010 Study Questions--Final Examination PART I. Short answers. You will be asked ten (10) of the following questions. 1. What are three major differences between the medical and sociological perspectives on health and illness? 2. What is the concept of social worth and how does social worth influence treatment decisions. The role of social worth in medical decisions suggests that the medical profession is (universalistic, particularistic). 3. List two (2) signs that, according to McKinlay and Marceau, the “golden age of doctoring” is ending. The declining independence and status of physicians challenges the _______’s theory of professions presented in lecture. 4. Cite one example of an epidemiological finding that supports a "personal responsibility" (“downstream”) approach to prevention. Cite another epidemiological finding that supports an "upstream" approach to prevention. 5. a) List the two (2) types of medical practice presented in lecture. How do these types of medical practice affect b) medical decision making and c) the doctor-patient relationship? 6. According to Anspach, physicians generally used a(n) ______________ model rather than a(n)_______________ model in interacting with parents in life-and-death decisions. 7.
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Study+questions+for+final - Sociology 475 Study...

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