403R Exam 3 Vocab

403R Exam 3 Vocab - Definitions Incomplete metamorphosis...

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Definitions: Incomplete metamorphosis – baby resembles adult ex. Tick in babesia Hemolytic anemia – a lot of hemo lysis ex. babesia Hemoglobinuria – hemoglobin in urine ex. babesia Transstadial transmission – across the development of the tick ex. babesia Transovarial transmission – through ovaries, pass through eggs ex. babesia Major histocompatibility complex – MHC: antigen presenting complex ex. thaleria MHC restriction – when t-cell recognizes antigen when antigen is bound to a molecule ex - thaleria Lymphoblast transformation – primitive WBC that can divide ex. Thaleria Annulata causes WBC to divide Cytotoxic T cell - T c T cell that recognizes MHC presented antigen and can kill cells (Killer t-cells) ex. Thaleria, microsporidia Attenuation – make parasite not as pathogenic, but still induce immune response ex. T. Parva Polar filament – tubulin used to infect other cells by transferring through tube ex. microsporidia Platyhelminth – “flat worm” ex. trematode Monoecious/Hermaphrodite – both sexes in 1 organism ex. schistosome Dioecious – 2 sexes in 2 organisms ex. acanthocephala Tegument – body covering made of living cells that can absorb and excrete material ex. schistosome Parenchyma – loose tissue that fills the body cavity ex. schistosome Syncytium – multi-nucleated organism ex. schistosome Cecum – part of digestive system ex. schistosome Vitellaria – yolk-like material in egg ex. schistosome Gynecophoral canal - pocket where female lives in male ex. schistosome Digenea – completes life cycle in more than 1 host ex. schistosome Miracidium – larval stage in water ex. schistosome miracidial hatching test - determine viability of eggs passed by infected individual – how many hatch – gives how long person has been infected ex. schistosome Soluble egg antigens (SEA) – enzymes secreted by eggs to get out of tissue ex. schistosome Sporocyst – asexually form of replicating in snails ex. schistosome Cercaria – emerge from snail infects humans through skin ex. schistosome Swimmer’s itch – penetration from non-human schistosome to humans, parasite dies, causes rash ex. schistosome Schistomulum – tail-less cercaria that has found host ex. schistosome Molecular mimicry – tegument expresses host RBC glycoproteins ex. schistosome Blocking antibodies – taking longer to mount IgE response in children, because IgG blocks eosonophil IgE – recognizes eggs, eosinophil bind to IgE
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Cytophilic – has affinity for cells ex. schistosome Eosinophil – WBC that attaches to IgE to kill eggs ex. schistosome Granuloma – fibrous tissue that replaces tissue ex. Liver in schistosome
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403R Exam 3 Vocab - Definitions Incomplete metamorphosis...

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