Augustine's view of justice contra Plato and Hobbes

Augustine's view of justice contra Plato and Hobbes - just....

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-1 3. What does Augustine’s view of justice have in common with Plato? How would Augustine agree with Hobbes? How would he disagree? Which is more significant, the agreement or disagreement? Plato based his view of an ideal state as a just state. Plato argued that man could not survive alone and thought it important that they form just states. Augustine viewed justice as a good relationship with God and neighbors. In Augustine’s viewpoint one could only be just if they lived in the City of God. The ideal society, Augustine argues, is a religious society which would be found in a just society. They both viewed their ideal states as
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Unformatted text preview: just. Augustine and Hobbes both view people as naturally wicked. Augustine viewed an unjust society to be wrong whereas Hobbes argued that even if a society is deemed unjust by a majority, the oppressed shouldnt be allowed to rebel because they signed a social contract. Augustine believes that people want peace because even those that do go to war eventually want peace after the war when things are better for them. Hobbes believes that the natural state is constantly at war....
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