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itis midterm - ITIS IP97 Section 1 Canbolat 2 Fall 2009...

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Unformatted text preview: ITIS IP97 Section 1 - Canbolat 2 Fall 2009 PART A: TRUE/FALSE QUESTIONS (1 mark each) For each question, check either T or F on your computer scantron. fig additional marks will be deducted for wrong answers. \/ 1. When using Excel, a dollar sign in the cell address will tell Excel to reference a certain row or columnT \/2. The most realistic form of a model is a physical replica of the situation. \/ 3. A weighted scoring model involves multiplying values on criteria by the weights of the criteria and adding up the products. \/ 4. The standard deviation is a measure of central tendency. 5. The range of a data set is the largest value minus the smallest value. “7/ 6. A Pareto chart is a type of bar chart in which values are placed in an order, such as from largest to smallest. L} 7. Of two events, if the events are mutually exclusive then their joint occurrence is impossible. ‘ 8. The most commonly used distribution in statistics is the binomial distribution. \) 9. If five customers arrive at a service station in an hour on average, the average inter-arrival time between two arriVals would be 15 minutes. \j 10. Federal elections in Canada can be a good example of dealing directly with the population, not with a sample. \/ ll. The Poisson distribution describes the number of occurrences per time interval. \ p 12. For most practical purposes, a sample size of 30 is adequate. X035) The mean and the standard deviation are two parameters needed to describe the Exponential distribution. X 14 The normal distribution is appropriate to use to find the probability of the elapsed time between successes. \ % The frequency of occurrence of events in samples is the basis for experimental probability. «5/ ‘ 16. A graph that shows the relationship between two variables is called a bar chart. \ 17. In multiple regression, a significant F-test value informs you which independent variable is significantly correlated to the dependent variable. \ 18. If you are testing an actual distribution against an expected distribution, you are using a Chi-Square goodness of fit test. E {f0 “NZ/f3 19. A trend in a time series model is a steady tendency to increase or to decrease over time. , . 20. Sales of air conditioners follow a seasonal variation. ...
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