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-1 2. Aristotle says “nature… makes nothing in vain.” Explain how this idea fits with Aristotelian political philosophy. Briefly give your evaluation of Aristotle’s view. Aristotle argues that since nature makes nothing in vain and notes that humans have the unique ability of speech which we use to reason. Speech, Aristotle contends, allows us to distinguish between beneficial and harmful things, and just and unjust. Aristotle contends that man alone can distinguish good from evil, just from unjust and the association of men who can do this makes a family and a state.
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Unformatted text preview: This also suggests that we should try to make a just society. This idea fits in with Aristotle’s view of man being a “political animal” by nature and that people that live without a state will live bad lives. I find Aristotle’s argument to be unpersuasive. Just because something is natural, it does not necessarily follow that it is good. Poisonous berries are natural but they aren’t good for humans. Similarly, AIDS is natural but very few people would deem it to be “good”....
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