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ACTG 2P21 S01 June 9 2010

ACTG 2P21 S01 June 9 2010 - ACTG 2P21 S01 June 9 2010 Paul...

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ACTG 2P21 S01 June 9 2010 Paul really strongly recommends we go on exchange. You pay tuition to Brock and go to another University. Brock will give you $1000 which should cover your airfare there, and rent will be a little more but the costs will be pretty much the same if you are conservative. Spreadsheet two is due soon. (June 16) The issue with the macros on spreadsheet one is a security at Brock. It should be okay for the next project. The new design rule is that anything that is conceptually the same as to have the identical formula except for the cell references. So all of the formulas in each of the rows must be identical. We’re doing a budget for 4 quarters. A B C D E 1 Quarter one Quarter two Quarter 3 Quarter 4 2 Revenue 3 Purchases 4 Inventory Whenever he says purchases he means raw materials. We will have certain business rules for this project. For example: - purchases must be equal to 0.3 * following quarters ending inventory - ending inventory must be equal to 0.4 * following quarters ending inventory To compute the purchases for quarter 4 we must know the ending inventory for quarter 5.
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