ACTG 2P21 S01 May 31st 2010

ACTG 2P21 S01 May 31st 2010 - ACTG 2P21 S01 May 31st 2010...

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ACTG 2P21 S01 May 31 st 2010 Midterm exam might be back Wednesday and spreadsheet assignment one will be taken up on Wednesday. Spreadsheet Revisions Tips: -Instructions are on Sakai -Titles: use Cost Change not Increase or Decrease. -Anything that is a Name or a date: make a link. The output page needs to have a “Report Date”. -A slight change in default settings will make macros not work on some people’s computer. As soon as you have a basic markup of making your spreadsheet, send the spreadsheet around your company to whoever will need them so that you can solve compatibility problems early on. -Save Macros onto the workbook, not onto the computer. Chapter Six: We are not doing chapter 6(process costing) in this course because it is the simplest form of accounting out there. It is: Total cost =avg cost/unit total units However in its simplicity, there are a lot of arbitrary decisions about what the right thing to do it. There are so many different ways to do it (FIFO, LIFO, etc.) which creates so much complexity in learning this. When we get to our own companies, they will only choose one, and it will be very easy to learn that one method when we get there. The only time not learning this will harm us is maybe on a professional exam, but it is not logical based, it is process based so we will forget it fast. Chapter Five:
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This note was uploaded on 12/12/2010 for the course ACTG 2P21 taught by Professor Scarborough during the Spring '10 term at Brock University.

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ACTG 2P21 S01 May 31st 2010 - ACTG 2P21 S01 May 31st 2010...

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