DGGStudyGuideCh8 - Death:GriefandGrowth UNIV3000 Spring 2009

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Death: Grief and Growth UNIV 3000 Spring 2009 Study Guide: Chapter 8 Vocabulary Death Notification Grave Goods Mortician Aftercare Program Memorialization Columbarium Embalming Cold Room Viewing Room Direct Cremation Funeral or Memorial Society Water Burial Cryogenic Suspension Perpetual Care Costs Crypt Mausoleum Cremulator Cybermourners Virtual Cemetery Themes and Concepts 1. Know the four major social functions of a funeral identified by Vanderlyn Pine. Be able to use these functions to discuss modern funeral practices. 1) Serves to acknowledge and commemorate a person’s death 2) provides a setting for the disposition of the dead body 3) assists in reorienting the bereaved to their lives 4) demonstrates reciprocal economic and social obligations between the bereaved and their social world 2. Know the seven “Elements of Funeral Ritual” presented in Table 8-1. 1) Deathwatch 2)Preparation of the deceased 3)Wake 4)Funeral 5)Procession 6)Committal 7)Disposal of the corpse 3. “The presence of death rites in every human culture suggests that they serve innate human needs.” (p. 275). Which “innate human needs” does the funeral serve?
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DGGStudyGuideCh8 - Death:GriefandGrowth UNIV3000 Spring 2009

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