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Death: Grief and Growth UNIV 3000 Spring 2009 Study Guide: Chapter 6 Vocabulary Informed Consent Placebos DNR CMO Karen Ann Quinlan Nancy Beth Cruzan Terri Schiavo Passive Euthanasia Physician Assisted Suicide Active Euthanasia Involuntary Euthanasia Nonvoluntary Euthanasia Double Effect Terminal Sedation Ordinary Care Extraordinary Measures Advanced Directives Surrogate Patient Self-Determination Act Will Holographic Will Codicil Estate Executor Intestate Probate Themes and Concepts 1. Be able to discuss this quote: “By acknowledging the inevitability of death, we can begin to prepare for it.” (p. 200) 2. Know the three fundamental principles of medical ethics. 3. Know the three legal principles that underlie informed consent. What role does shared decision making play in supporting the principle of informed consent? What challenges can make the principle of informed consent
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Unformatted text preview: difficult uphold? 4. Is withdrawing or withholding treatment and allowing someone to die “euthanasia”? Why? Why not? 5. Where, in the United States, is physician assisted suicide allowable by law? 6. What, if any, impact would the improvement of palliative care measures have on euthanasia? Why? 7. In what way does the discussion about artificial nutrition and hydration illustrate the difficulty in determining what is “ordinary care” and what are “extraordinary measures” in caring for a terminally ill person? 8. Give two examples of an “advance directive”. 10. Barton Bernstein outlines three basic legal stages that apply in cases of terminal illness. What are they? 11. What are some of the reasons to purchase life insurance?...
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