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Death: Grief and Growth UNIV 3000 Spring 2009 Study Guide: Chapter 7 Vocabulary Distancing Strategies Middle Knowledge Reactive Depression Preparatory Depression Coping Potency Metastasis Malignant Benign Prognosis Diagnosis Adjunctive Therapy Chemotherapy Alternative Therapy Acute Pain Chronic Pain Dying Trajectory Social Death Themes and Concepts 1. In what way do life threatening illnesses challenge our image of ourselves? 2. Be able to name and discuss the four awareness contexts identified by Glaser and Strauss to describe the way persons with life threatening illnesses communicate with others about their disease. 3. Discuss the role of denial in the dying process (Discussed in the text and class.) 4. Be able the compare and contrast the theories of Charles Corr, Kenneth Doka and Avery Weisman for the
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Unformatted text preview: way people cope with the dying process. 5. Be able to name and discuss the three coping patterns identified by Therese Rando and three coping strategies discussed in the text. What is the purpose of these patterns and strategies for coping with a life threatening illness? 6. In what sense is pain a “complex, multidimensional phenomenon”? Why is it’s management critical to the care of a person with a life threatening illness? 7. What is required for effective treatment of pain? What is the difference between pain and suffering? What are some factors which inhibit adequate pain control? 8. The social role of the dying person encompasses spiritual as well as physical and social needs. Know the three needs that are listed in the text....
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