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Study Guide - Chapter 10 - • What is an “inner...

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Death: Grief and Growth CAS 3403 Study Guide: Chapter 10 Vocabulary Bibliotherapy Distancing Strategies Parent Death Pet Death Protothanatic Behavior Selective Forgetting Sublimation Themes and Concepts Be able to identify and discuss the various coping mechanisms used by terminally ill children. How do play activities help children reach some understanding of death? Be able to illustrate ways of helping children cope with death. What factors influence a bereaved child’s experience of grief?
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Unformatted text preview: • What is an “inner representation of the deceased” and how is it related t a child’s grief for a parent? • What are some issues that should be considered in a child’s ability to cope with a sibling’s death? • When discussing death with children, why is listening often more important than speaking? • Why is it important to discuss death with children prior to a crisis occurring?...
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  • Girlinghouse
  • various coping mechanisms, Terminally Ill Children, Distancing Strategies Parent, Selective Forgetting Sublimation, Death Protothanatic Behavior

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