ILROB 1220 Semester Review Reading List

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Unit 1 Classical View of Orgs: FW: Chp 1 Sec 1 Personality and Consistency Bias: FW: Chp 3 Sec 1 Chp 3 Sec 2 Chp 3 Sec 5 Decison Making, Biases, and Heuristics BB: Davis: Application of Theory of Relative Deprivation: 17-31 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unit 2 Leadership: OB: 365-384 BB: Curtain 75-87 Forming Groups: FW: Chp 9 Sec 1 Group Dynamics and Conflict: FW: Chp 10 Sec 1 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Unformatted text preview: Unit 3 Norms and Org Culture: BB: Feldman: Development and Enforcement of Group Norms: 47-53 FW: Chp 15 Sec 3 Networks: BB: Barabasi, Laszo, Bonabeau: Scale Free Networks: 60-69 Orgs in Cultural Settings and Resource Dependency: BB: Hofstede, Feert, Peterson: Handbook of Org Culture and Climate OT: 521-532 Institutional Theory and Org Ecology: OT: 505-520 533-544 Bold = Roneal Not Bold= Ramzi...
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