ILROB 1220 Project 1 Monday Justification

ILROB 1220 Project 1 Monday Justification - they might...

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Justification: The group will keep the first meeting after class to a bare minimum, in the event that one of the members has another class to attend to afterwards. They will simply exchange contact information so that will not be an issue in the future. They will also email each other their schedules so it is easier to see when people are free the rest of the week. It is so crucial that the first meeting is on the first day because that is when the group will delegate the readings for the rest of the week so that the members of the tgroup can begin their readings. The reason that we made the selection of the sections so critical and specific is because we found it very important that as many of the members as possible read material that they chose, and more importantly were interested in. This is to help filter out the effect of cognitive dissonance: if a member is assigned reading,
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Unformatted text preview: they might convince themselves they either don’t like the material or its boring, etc. However if they choose themselves they are more likely to enjoy it to justify their choice. Of course, chances are everyone will not get their first choice (0.83% assuming there are 5 members), but the more satisfied members the better. If a person is already down to his second choice and it clashes with someone else’s first choice, the second choice person will not get the topic by default because there is a chance the other person’s second choice has already been taken as well which would drop him to his third choice; it si easier and more democratic to just have the two students flip a coin anytime a clash occurs. Priority will go to students who are at the meeting in order to provide an incentive to students to not just email their topics in and blow off the meeting....
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