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ILROB 1220 Notes- Norms BB Development-Enforcement of Norms

ILROB 1220 Notes- Norms BB Development-Enforcement of Norms...

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Notes: BB Development and Enforcement of Group Norms pg 47-53 - Only norms that survive are ones that: o ensure group survival: protect itself from external and even internal interference don’t discuss salaries with other groups o increase predictability of group member’s behavior: allows anticipation and quick responses No awkwardness in what to do: splitting the bill Create roles within the group: someone always keeps track of what is going on, etc (none of these are formal duties, simply things that need to be get done that are done by the same people every time) o avoid embarrassing interpersonal situations Topics of discussion sanctioned Group’s job to protect “self-image” of members o Give expression to group’s central values Form of expression for many group members Often norm is enforced to legitimize power of group over members
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Unformatted text preview: -Develop by: o Explicit statements by supervisors or co-workers o Critical events in group’s history o Primacy o Carry-over behaviors from past situation s-Rarely written down or discussed -Group norms can affect all of the following: o Cohesiveness o Product restriction o Illuminate group decision making o Examine conformity o Productivity -Norms are not established about every situation; only those with significance to group -Sets the boundaries of the group; by observing deviant behavior and ensuing consequences, other members can see range of acceptable behavior -Members can generate idiosyncracy credits with other individuals by contributing to group goals o Can act deviantly as long she they still have positive balance of credits -Deviant behavior is punished less harshly when group is attaining its goals -...
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