ILROB 1220 Motivation OB 168-181 - OB Notes: Herzberg...

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OB Notes: Herzberg Reading (pg 173-181) - Several forms of KITA (Kicked in the ass approach): - Negative Physical Kita: literally harming your subordinates o Negatives: is inelegant o Contradicts precious image of benevolence that organizations cherish o Directly stimulates the autonomic nervous system which results in negative feedback - Negative Psychological KITA: harming your subordinates negatively o Positives: cruelty is not visible o Effects higher cortical centers of the brain; reduces possibility for physical backlash o Number of psychological pains someone can feel is infinite, increasing effect of KITA o Person administering kick can be above it all and let system handle dirty work o Those who practice it receive ego satisfaction o If employee does complain, can accuse him of being paranoid - Negative KITA motivates user, not one being kicked, they are simply being moved - Positive KITA: kicking yourself o Inline with American thought: better to be seduced than raped o Organization doesn’t have to kick you, you kick yourself - Positive KITA Personnel Practices that don’t motivate: o Reducing time at work o Spiraling wages o Fringe benefits
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ILROB 1220 Motivation OB 168-181 - OB Notes: Herzberg...

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