ILROB 1220 FW Unit 2 - FW Notes Unit 2 Chp 9 Sec 1 Intro...

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FW Notes Unit 2 Chp 9 Sec 1 Intro - Group: collection of individuals where one person’s actions have an effect on everyone else - Informal work groups: two or more people who are associated with each other in ways not prescribed by organization - Formal work group: managers and/or subordinates who close associatiosn that affect group work Stages of Group Development - 4 stage map: Forming-storming-norming-performing - Added 5 th phase: adjourning phase - To effectively take group through stages leader needs to change leadership styles - First being directive, later a coach, and eventually a delegator - If groups skip a step they often have to come back to it - Forming stage: o Level of formality and awkwardness o Large amount of uncertainty leads to politeness, avoiding conflict, and observations o Potentially excited to have been chosen for group o Looking to see who emerges as leader o Short in duration - Storming: o Become more authentic and argumentative o Begin to differentiate rather than seek common ground o Not unusual to become defensive, competitive; might lead to cliques o Most commonly stuck in this phase How to avoid getting stuck: Normalize conflict Include everyone Make sure everyone is heard Support all group members Remain positive
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ILROB 1220 FW Unit 2 - FW Notes Unit 2 Chp 9 Sec 1 Intro...

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