GOVT 1111 Final 1 Topic 3 Outline

GOVT 1111 Final 1 Topic 3 Outline - Essay Question # 3 Over...

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Essay Question # 3 Over the past 30 years, many people have been arguing that the "free market" is the best way to promote the values of liberty, equality, and democracy, and this idea has transformed American politics. What changes were brought about by the attempt to “privatize” and “marketize” politics? What kinds of Activists seek such changes? And, in your opinion, is the free market a good model for organizing politics? Why? Why or why not? 1. Intro a. In the past 30 years, idea has been brought up that “free market” is best way to promote American ideals b. As a result, we’ve seen trends that move toward policy that supports the deregulation of the private sector c. THESIS: Despite the evidence that some aspects of the free market promote the ideals of liberty and democracy, as a whole, due to the fact that these reforms are over represented by the groups that have influences on government, the resulting policies have neglected the importance of equality and have overly favored the upper classes, resulting in a drastic rise of inequality over this period of time. 2. In general, the people who are for the deregulation of government are those who are wealthy members of the upper class a. People who are likely to want less government intervention are those who are hurt by government policy (wealthy people) i. Business with more stake in free trade/outsourcing more likely to be against intervention b. Those who want more government regulation are those who are generally helped by them (lower class) c. However, it is fact that the upper classes generally have more of an impact on
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GOVT 1111 Final 1 Topic 3 Outline - Essay Question # 3 Over...

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