GOVT 1111 Final 1 Topic 5 Outline

GOVT 1111 Final 1 Topic 5 Outline - Introduction THESIS:...

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Introduction THESIS: Although these four roles are possibilities for how the United States may deal with international affairs, none of these are the best form by which the United States may handle itself internationally; in reality, the most optimal strategy for the United States would be one based on Economic Expansion that incorporated social aspects of the international community. 2. Napoleonic Role What is it? o “A strategy pursued by a powerful nation to prevent aggressive actions against it by improving the internal state of affairs of a particular country, even if this means encouraging revolution in that country” o President Woodrow Wilson had US take on a Napoleonic role when he supported the US declaration of war in 1917 argument that “the world must be made safe for democracy” Why it doesn’t work? o Taking on the Napoleonic role in today’s society and in the Middle East is only detrimental o 2001 overthrowing of Taliban o Takeover of Iraq and ousting of Saddam Hussein in 2003 o Difference between Napoleonic role in ousting of Manuel Noriega in Panama or Sandinista government in Nicaragua and Napoleonic role in middle east because of sensitivity and religious differences o Napoleonic role makes US look like occupiers which doesn’t look good in international community and it hurts out ability to build alliances with other nations and take on the Balance of Power Role o Obama says we should be partners, not patrons (patrons=occupiers) o Fact that we are seen as occupiers is detrimental to our international relations 3. Holy Alliance Role What is it? o
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GOVT 1111 Final 1 Topic 5 Outline - Introduction THESIS:...

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