GOVT 1111 Paper 2 Outline - I. Intro a. Framers intended...

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I. Intro a. Framers intended volleying interests of voters to produce candidates that appealed to the majority of the people i. Influence of minority can control policy b. Now, we’ve seen that multiple social sciences have shown that rather then being productive, it is in fact disadvantageous to vote i. Game Theory: PB + D > C; PB= 0 ii. Rational Choice Theory 1. Make clear that you know these have fault as well c. Numbers don’t lie: voter turnout has dropped in last 50 years (increase in last 10) d. Voter mobilization has been exceptionally low (Ch 8, pg 309) i. Too many groups not being mobilized e. Question then: does this lower voter turnout and mobilization lead to a political system where policy is derived further from the constituent? f. II. Analysis of Argument a. What is electoral decay? i. Since it is a product of low mobilization, we must assume it is the shrinking of the voting population ii. Another possibility: narrowing of the electorate; not in terms of quantity but rather in breadth 1. (case of last 10 years) (chart in book about voting % and various socioeconomic factors) b. If electoral decay leads to the undermining of elections as part of the political
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GOVT 1111 Paper 2 Outline - I. Intro a. Framers intended...

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