GOVT 1111 Take Home Quiz 1 - GOVT 1111 Discussion Quiz No....

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GOVT 1111 Discussion Quiz No. 1 Ch 1 1. Liberty to me is simply the freedom to do what we want both socially and economically; equality is the idea that all Americans are equal regardless of outside factors and as such should be treated equally and have the same equal rights; and democracy is the idea that every person possess political efficacy and has a say in their government. I agree with the author that these ideas NOW highlight American Political culture, but I do not agree that these ideals were the foundation of our nation as many aspects of these were unfavorable to the lifestyles of the founders of our country. 2. Most Americans actually have a very high distrust of their own governments. They feel as though not only is the government being undemocratic in not representing their interests best (both on a local and federal level), but also that they are rapidly losing their sense of political efficacy; that is, they feel it is becoming harder and harder for them to effect government. 3. Well democracy, which is the idea that the entire population of a country should have a say in who rules them and what their polices should be, is based on the fact that people actually do have those influences and cause those changes. Political efficacy is this ability for a constituency to have an impact on the laws and regulations they are forced to abide to. A loss in political efficacy means that people begin to feel that their hold and effect on
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GOVT 1111 Take Home Quiz 1 - GOVT 1111 Discussion Quiz No....

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