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Midterm Exam Study Guide Our midterm covers the material from our first four weeks in class (TCOs A, B, C, D, F, and I) and is set for Week Five. The exam will consist of 4 multiple choice, 2 matching and 3 essay questions which are similar to the problems assigned for homework and discussed in the threaded discussions in Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4. You have 2.5 hours to take the midterm. Once you enter the exam, you must complete it. Please watch your time as you will be automatically logged out of the exam at the 2.5 hour mark. Be sure to start the midterm BEFORE 9 p.m. MT on the final Sunday or eCollege will log you out of the class at Midnight MT that night, even if you have time left on your midterm. This exam is a large portion of your final grade. As such, you should not wait until the end of the final Sunday of week 5 to take the midterm. If you have technical problems at that time, there will not be time to rectify them before the week is over. If you experience any technical difficulties (you are not sure if the exam submitted properly, eCollege locks up, etc), immediately call the Help Desk (1-800-594-2402) for assistance. I cannot assist you with technical difficulties so you must call the Help Desk. If after working with the Help Desk, you desire to request an extension or reset, please email me with a description of the circumstances and the Help Desk ticket number assigned to your case. I verify all technical difficulties with the Help Desk prior to considering granting additional time to take the exam. The Help Desk must have a record to verify that they assisted you with the problem described in order for me to consider a request for additional time or reset. You must monitor your email until the situation is resolved because the exam must be completed by the due date. Extensions of time and/or resets are rare , so you should continue with the exam under the assumption that you will not receive one in order to maximize your points. Since it may take almost 24 hours for me to respond to an email or to a question in the Q&A thread, you will
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Nov_09_GM520_Week_5_Midterm_Exam_Study_Guide - Midterm Exam...

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