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Decimal_or_Fraction - are 12 6/7 or 90/7 Both represent an...

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DECIMAL OR FRACTION? WHICH IS PREFERRED? If you divide 1 by 3 on a calculator you get .333333333...forever...When you round it off to 2 decimal places you have eliminated all those threes that were part of the number. You have just gone from the accurate to the inaccurate! But if you put the number in fraction form .... i.e., 1/3, you have an exact answer...don't you? So on the answer of 12.86...that was an answer that was rounded up .... the alternative answer, and there were two,
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Unformatted text preview: are 12 6/7 or 90/7. Both represent an answer that is more accurate than the decimal equivalent. I accept an answer in improper form ONLY if it is reduced to lowest terms. ... and 90/7 is. Would I mark you wrong on a quiz or final for giving me the decimal answer of 12.86? Of course not! But, as you can tell, the fractional answer IS more accurate. One thing. If I ask for the answer as a fraction and you give it to me as a decimal I will mark it half wrong. .....
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