heart and circulatory system answer key

heart and circulatory system answer key - Name: 1. 2. 3. 4....

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Name: Block: Date: Biology 12 - The Heart & Circulatory System 1. Arterioles small branches of arteries 2. arterial duct connects pulmonary artery to aorta in fetal system to shuttle blood from pulmonary circuit 3. atria top chambers of heart, collect blood from body or lungs, pump to ventricles 4. atrioventricular node AV node: causes ventricles to contract after receiving signal from SA node 5. Capillaries microscopic blood vessels with walls one cell wall thick, across which gas exchange occurs 6. cholesterol lipid necessary for normal cell function but can build up in arteries causing atherosclerosis 7. diastole relaxation of heart muscle 8. diastolic blood pressure pressure of blood in an artery when ventricles of heart in diastole 9. heart attack myocardial infarction: blood supply to part of heart muscle cut off (usually due to clogged coronary artery) 10. hypertension high blood pressure. Prevalent disease in industrialized nations, associated with atherosclerosis 11. hypotension low blood pressure 12. intrinsic heartbeat the heart’s own built-in mechanism for initiating a regular heartbeat, due to SA node 13. lacteal inside villi, this is where fats enter the lymphatic system 14. Lymph tissue fluid that has entered the lymphatic system 15. Lymph nodes specialized regions along lymph veins where lymph filtered, white blood cells made 16. lymphocytes type of white blood cell produced in lymphatic system that makes antibodies 17. nodal tissue specialized tissue that has properties of nerve and muscle tissue: AV and SA nodes 18. oval opening in fetus, this opening connects the atria and diverts blood from pulmonary circuit. 19. pacemaker node SA node 20. placenta membranes and blood vessels across which mother and fetus exchange nutrients 21. pulmonary circulation circulation of blood through lungs 22. septum divides the two halves of the heart 23. sinoatrial node pacemaker node, special nodal tissue that initiates contraction of atria every 0.85 seconds 24. spleen lymphatic organ where blood cells mature and are stored 25. stroke part of brain dies due to oxygen starvation because of clogged artery 26. systemic circulation circulation of blood from left ventricle through tissues of body and back to right atrium 27. systole contraction of heart muscle 28. systolic blood pressure
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heart and circulatory system answer key - Name: 1. 2. 3. 4....

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