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Unformatted text preview: What Is Business? Activity profit • Activity seeking profit • Provides goods/services • Satisfy standard of living- quality of life Nonprofit • Nonprofit organizations – the same business principles business Professor Hirokazu Takada 1- 1 Technological Environment • How does the economic crisis affect the technological environment? Productivity? E-Commerce? Responsiveness to Customer Professor Hirokazu Takada • • • 1- 2 Consumer Trends Fear of losing jobs: less spending Luxury and tourism industry hit hard Conserve and save Conserve U.S. bottled water sales in past 15 years increased U.S. more than fourfold to $9.8 Billion. Who is Shopping Online? Who Americans 38% Britons 25% Canadians 24% Japanese 20% Source: Business & Economic Review, Jan.-Mar. 2002 French Spaniards Poles 10% 4% 3% Professor Hirokazu Takada 1- 3 Social Environment • • • • Diversity/Multicultural Aging/Graying of Aging/Graying America America Two-Income Families Single-Parent Families Professor Hirokazu Takada 1- 4 Global Environment • • • International Competition and Free International Trade? Recession leading to more trade barrier to protect domestic markets? markets? Improvements in Transportation Improvements and Communication and War & Terrorism • Israel and Hamas, Iraq to Israel Afghanistan/Pakistan/Yemen Afghanistan/Pakistan/Yemen Global Changes Professor Hirokazu Takada 1- 5 Dealing With A Dealing Multicultural Workforce Multicultural - Show Respect for Culture/Value of Others Show Avoid Stereotyping Avoid Include All Workers in Acculturalization Include Be Empathetic But Be Yourself Be Avoid Imposing Your Culture/Values on Others Others Professor Hirokazu Takada 1- 6 Evolution of American Business American • Agricultural/Manufacturing • Service Industries Collapse • Collapse of financial industry industry • Future??? Professor Hirokazu Takada 1- 7 Trends in Business Rise of Information Rise & Communication Technology Technology Globalization Doing Business 24/7 Educated Educated Consumers Consumers Aging Workforce Increasing Diversity Source: Keying In- Newsletter of the National Business Education Association, March 2003 Self-Directed, Empowered Employees Communication Skills Decision-Making Skills Teamwork Leadership Continual Learning Pyramid vs. WebProfessor Hirokazu Takada 1- 8 Government as an Overseer Government and Regulator and Role • Role of the Obama government to • rescue the economic crisis Government Protects: • Consumers • Workers • Investors • The environment • Competition Professor Hirokazu Takada 1- 9 ...
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