Business 1000 Chapter 4

Source marketing 4 6 professortakada why dont we why

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Unformatted text preview: owitz, Kerin, Hartley, and Rudelius. Source: Marketing 4- 6 Professor Takada Why Don’t We Why Trust Corporations? Trust Source: USA Today 4- 7 Professor Takada Social Audit • By Company • Outside Groups Socially-Conscious • Socially-Conscious Investors Investors • Environmentalists • Union Officials • Customers Professor Takada 4- 8 International Ethics and Social Responsibility and • • • • Ethical problems are Not Unique to Ethical Not the U.S. managers the Demand for Socially Responsible Demand Behavior from Global Suppliers Behavior Joint Initiative on Corporate Joint Accountability and Workers’ Rights Accountability Inter-American Convention Against Inter-American Corruption Corruption Professor Takada 4- 9...
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