Psychpapermyth - NAME: STEPHAN IE LYNN ROMAN What...

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Unformatted text preview: NAME: STEPHAN IE LYNN ROMAN What superstition/myth did you pick? Spit on a new baseball bat before using it for the first time to make it lucky Part I Using one of the methods we discussed in class (observation, self-report, psychological test, physiological measures, task performance), explain how you would design a within-participants (or pre-test/post-test) experiment to test your myth . I would design a within-participant experiment to test my myth by observing the performance of a baseball player /baseball team during two occasions. First, I would observe how well one of the baseball players /baseball teams performs during a game using his /their old /already used baseball bat. Then, I would repeat the same process for the next game, except he /they would be using his /their new baseball bat which he /they would have spit on before the start of the game. During these games, the data would include the number of home runs, base hits, strike-outs, stolen bases, etc. Based off these observations, I would make conclusions whether this superstition holds some truth or not. What would be your independent variable? The independent variable would be the inning number (1-9). What would be your dependent variable? The dependent variables used in this experiment would consist of batting statistics (the number of home runs, the number of stolen bases, the number of base hits, the number of strike outs, etc..) What specific results would you expect if the myth/superstition is t rue? If the myth /superstition turned out to be true, I would expect that the baseball player would perform better overall in all the innings during the second game than compared to the first. This means that he would have more positive outcomes (increase in home runs, base hits, or stolen bases) in the second game than the first game and less negative ones (decrease in strike outs, personal outs such as on a fly ball, etc.). ball, etc....
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Psychpapermyth - NAME: STEPHAN IE LYNN ROMAN What...

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