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You’ll be going into the matrix menu 3 different times. To access the matrix menu, you’ll press the 2 ND key and then the 1 - X key. 1. first time is so you can enter the matrix. After pressing 2 ND 1 - X move to the right twice (using your arrow keys) to get on the “EDIT” menu. Hit ENTER to grab and edit Matrix A. Tell it the appropriate size (2X3 for a 2-variable problem or 3X4 for a 3- variable problem). Now enter the coefficients of the equations into the matrix. For example, if the equations were 60 2 5 120 4 3 = - = + y x y x your matrix would look like this: 5 3 2 4 - 60 120 You need to “quit” out of the matrix edit area now by pressing 2 ND MODE. 2. second time going into the matrix menu is so you can call up the math function “rref”.
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Unformatted text preview: Do this by pressing 2 ND 1-X to access the matrix menu. Then, move to the right once to get on the “MATH” menu. Scroll until you find “rref” and then press ENTER. 3. now you’ll go into the matrix menu one last time to grab your matrix. Press 2 ND 1-X and then select the appropriate matrix (matrix “A” in this example) by pressing ENTER. You’ll now see on the main screen: rref [A]. Press enter and your answer will be displayed. The last column of the solution matrix contains your solution. The top one is X and so on, alphabetically....
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