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120.practice.finalexam - PRACTICE FINAL EXAM 1 The linear...

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PRACTICE FINAL EXAM 1. The linear cost function for producing x items is 3600 10 ) ( + = x x C and the items sell for $40 each. Thinking A. Determine how many items need to be sold in order to break even. B. What’s the marginal cost? 2. A mixture of 100 pounds of coffee will be made from two different types of coffee. Type I costs $3 per pound and Type II costs $5 per pound. How many pounds of each type of coffee need to go into the mixture so that the resulting mixture costs $3.60 per pound? 3. How much money can be withdrawn each month for the next 20 years from an account containing $250,000 if the account is paying 4% compounded monthly? 4. What annually compounded interest rate would you need to turn $4,000 into $5,200 in 3 years? Express your answer as a percentage rounded to 2 decimal places (for example: 12.24%). 5. Given the function x x x f 6 3 ) ( 2 - = , answer the following questions (parts A-F) A. Find the average rate of change from x = 1 to x = 3. B. Find the instantaneous rate of change at x = 2. C. Find the equation of the tangent line to the function at x = 2.
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