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2234534 - U nit 9 F inal Project Running Head Unit 9 final...

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Unit 9 Final Project Running Head: Unit 9 final Project Unit 9 Final Project SC300-26 13 December 2010
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Unit 9 Final Project Part 1 First scenario I arrived home late at night. I proceeded to walk up to the front door, unlocked it, and reached in to turn on the light switch. The light does not come on; from here I would use the five step scientific method. The first step would be to state the problem which in this scenario the problem would be when arriving home late one night to find my lights in the house would not come on. The next step would be to gather information about this situation, first I would look at my surroundings look for any indications that show possible fowl play such as, check to make sure the windows are not broken then I would check the frame to the front door to see if there was indication of forced entry. Then I would walk around the outside of the house looking for the same indications while also scanning the streets looking for unknown vehicles and also scan the surrounding house to see if they have power. I would also think back on the drive to my house did I see anything such as a motor vehicle accident or someone working on the power lines, after gathering all the information about my surroundings I would work my way to the next step. The next step in the scientific method is to come up with a hypothesis about the situation that I am currently in with the information that I have gathered. After reviewing the information and noticing there is no indication of fowl play, nothing that indicates forced entry also not seeing anything on the drive in that would show the something that would have caused a power outage, I would make my hypothesis. I would have to say that it could be one of two things either the light was just burned out or the fuse has blown.
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