oct252010 - October25,2010Y348 KeyTerms NurembergPrinciples...

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October 25, 2010 Y348 Key Terms: Nuremberg Principles Khmer Rouge Democratic Kampuchea Killing Fields Urban Exodus Rural resettlement Communalization Social Leveling Base People New People Cambodia - The Killing Fields -The Postwar Pledge Nuremberg Principles - International commitment for accountability involving "crimes  against humanity" and "war crimes" "Never Again" - moral commitment to prevent mass murder -The Killing Fields ca. 1.7m dead, from 7.9m population -Khmer Rough (KR) Power (Apr. 1975-Jan. 1979) aim at complete makeover of society by means of compulsion, terror and murder -Urban Exodus Forced evacuations of cities, 2.5m people displaced -Rural Resettlement Agrarian Society "social leveling" Economic communization - eliminate all private and personal holdings Social Conformity - collective life: break up family, school, religion
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This note was uploaded on 12/14/2010 for the course POLS-Y 348 taught by Professor Bielasiak during the Spring '10 term at Indiana.

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oct252010 - October25,2010Y348 KeyTerms NurembergPrinciples...

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