sept292010 - -ordinary fellow travelers Bystanders: Soviet...

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Y348 September 29, 2010 The Soviet Terror: The "Why" of Mass Murder Leninism:  Adopting to Realities -Imperialism: highest stage of capitalism -revolution shirts to the global weakest link -Party as Vanguard -political elite replaces working class -Historical Acceleration -The vanguard and political action speed up historical development Lenin's Weakest Link Theory - Russia is easiest chain to break. Joseph Stalin 1879-1953 Implementation: Stalinism Social Engineering -transformation of society by force Leadership in command -party knows best way to perfect society=monopoly of power Revolution from Above -Class warfare to assure economic and political progress. Perpetrators Stalin - the boss -personal directives v. dizzy with success State and Party cadres -class warfare; ideological militants Secret Polic (GPU,NKVD) -Security executive agencies Informers: denunciation
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Unformatted text preview: -ordinary fellow travelers Bystanders: Soviet Population The police state-permanent surveillance of individuals-control of society: totalitarianism Psychology of Fear-fear, uncertainty as prevailing social interaction Circles of Cooperation-denunciations, false confessions The Outside World Uncertain Information-controlled travel; media censorship;propaganda Appeal of Sot ideology-alternative to problems, inequality of West-belief in Soviet experiment to a better society Low capacity for intervention-isolationism, economic depression in West-soviet power as deterrent Legacies of Soviet Terror De-stalinization-denunciation of Stalin's crimes-Khrushchev's Secret Speec 1956 Veil of Secrecy-underground accounts Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago Post-Soviet 1991 Accountability-civic initiatives, e.g. memorial-archival investigations....
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sept292010 - -ordinary fellow travelers Bystanders: Soviet...

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