The Situation in Darfur

The Situation in Darfur - The Situation in Darfur By Ryan...

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The Situation in Darfur By Ryan Greves Y-348 Politics of Genocide November 17, 2010
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The mass violence in Darfur between the government-backed Arabs and the non-Arab African farmers needs to be categorized as a genocide in order to resolve this conflict. Since 2003, 2.7 million Darfuris have been displaced from their homes, while another 300,000 people have been killed due to mass violence, disease and malnutrition (4). The battle began when rebel groups began attacking government targets in 2003. The rebel groups felt that Khartoum favored Arabs over the non-Arab Africans (3). The government quickly responded by arming the Janjaweed militia, which attacked not only the rebel groups, but civilians who belonged to these rebel groups. Backed by the Sudanese government, the Janjaweed set off on a path of destruction throughout Darfur, killing hundreds of thousands of Darfuris and displacing close to three million people through the use of horrendous acts of violence and intimidation. While there is a debate on whether the Sudanese government acted with intent, the continued backing of Janjaweed militias and general disregard for the lives of Darfur citizens, it is clear that the situation in Darfur is, in fact, a genocide. In order to prove this, the following will demonstrate: that the Sudanese government acted with intent to destroy in part the non-Arab African ethnic group in Darfur and coordinated with the Janjaweed forces to eradicate the rebel groups and non- Arab African civilians in the Darfur region; that the government indirectly caused the deaths of thousands due to disease and malnutrition from the living conditions at refugee camps; that government-backed Arab militias used sexual violence and executions against the Darfuris; and that this was a deliberate, calculated operation designed to eliminate non-Arab African groups solely based on their indelible group membership. The perpetrators of this conflict consist of the Sudanese government and the Janjaweed
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The Situation in Darfur - The Situation in Darfur By Ryan...

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