Y348_Sep22 - Denunciation of entire Jewish population o...

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Y348- Sep. 22 The Soviet Terror Deportation of Nationalities “Russiafication” of nationalities opposed to Soviet state o various nationalities, etc, ought to be made into good Russians Should adopt Soviet way of thinking WWII resettlement of nationalities o Dispersed into forced labor camp o Extensive mortality due to “life conditions” Some 3 million people died as a result An ethnic cleansing o Deliberate attempt to move those people into other territories Often to inhospitable terrain o Whole nationalities moved Over 50 groups subject to this deportation Primary purpose to make sure that the groups would not aligns themselves with the Germany army The Doctor’s Plot (1948-1953) Against Jewish physicians of the Soviet elite o “Spies and murderers under the mask of doctors”
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Unformatted text preview: Denunciation of entire Jewish population o Justification for anti-Jewish policy o Triggered by death of high soviet leader Excuse for launching this policy Arrests, preparation for show trials and deportations o Many were Jews that had bared escaped the Holocaust Stalin dies never really implement this anti-Jewish policy o His group o friends prevented him from getting medical attention End of terror and purges Categorization of Victims Peasants & Workers to secure state-13 million + 4 million victims Elites personal motive of paranoid Stalin- 4 million Nationalities Fear that the state will not survive with big divisions. Fear of Nazis, then of Cold War- 3-3.5 million people...
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Y348_Sep22 - Denunciation of entire Jewish population o...

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