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Y348 Politics of Genocide Prof. Bielasiak STUDY GUIDE FOR MIDTERM EXAM EXAM: Wednesday, October 13, 2010 1:00 -2:15 pm, WH 009 Part I: Short answers . The first part of the exam will consist of short identifications, such as multiple choice, country ids, matching terms, and short identifications. You should be ready to identify each term, place it in the proper context, and describe its significance. Here are examples of the type of terms the exam will cover; the questions will include some of the ids listed but will also draw on other important concepts and terms from the lectures, readings and movies. (50 points). Total War Young Turks Armenian Massacres Millet system Provocation Thesis Pan-Turkism Special Organization Sociobiological theory Realpolitik Sickman of Europe Responsibility to Protect Ralph Lemkin Indelible/elastic groups Ethnocide Democide Ethnic Cleansing Rome Statue Enemies of the People Collectivization kulak The Great Terror Gulag System Doctors’ Plot Historical Materialism Class Struggle Socialist Utopia Weakest Link Party vanguard Social Engineering De-Stalinization Nuremberg Laws Wannsee Conference Fuhrerprinzip Social Darwinism Jewish Council Sacrifice to save Munich Putsch Cult of professionalism Einzatzgruppen Enabling Act Evian Conference Organic nation Mission mentality Blood and soil Part II. Essay Question : You will have a choice of one question out of two on the midterm. Below are sample essay questions, the exam will draw on these ideas but the question may be
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This note was uploaded on 12/14/2010 for the course POLS-Y 348 taught by Professor Bielasiak during the Spring '10 term at Indiana.

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Y348+Midterm+Guide+2010 - Y348 Politics of Genocide Prof....

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