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Blood Bank Supervisor Checkpoint Wanda Riddick December , 13,2010 University Of Phoenix Bobbie Le Bianc What exactly is a blood bank? I would like to explain to you what a blood bank is . Whole blood is the red blood cell and the platelets that have protective yellowish liquid which is called plasma. The whole blood will contain two different types of blood and the purpose of the red blood cell,the plasma and the platelets is found to be the whole blood . The blood cell carry the oxygen would be the red blood cell and the red blood cell make up half of the human volume . The red blood cell also carry the hemoglobin and this is what is responsible for the red color. The red blood cells carry the
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Unformatted text preview: hemoglobin and this is also responsible for the oxygen that will transfer to the lungs as well as throughout the body. The liquid part of of the blood is known as the plasma. The white and red blood cell and the platelets has some function in bleeding and controlling an infection. The plasma contains the antibodies and protein that your body need to fight disease to our immune system can be healthy Now that the platelets help your blood clots after yoy get a cut or scrape. The platelets are tiny oval shape that are made in the bone narrow....
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