BeerDistributionGame - Brewer 1 Warehouse

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Brewer 1 Warehouse 2 Warehouse 1 Warehouse 2 Warehouse 3 Warehouse 1 Warehouse 2 Warehouse 3 Warehouse 1 Warehouse 2 Warehouse 3 Warehouse Brewer Distributor should act only on demand information from the wholesaler and so on. d. If demand exceeds stock, deliver everything in stock and add balance quantity to the backlog. day plus the backlog.  zero. If there is any backlog, warehouse stock should be zero.  As soon as you decide on the amount, write it down in your form, send the Kanban card to the next person and inform imulated day (after step 3 is carried out by all). After returning the card, the consumer will announce the beginning of  MGMT 36100 Beer Distribution Game – A Supply Chain Simulation Exercise 1. Introduction: The purpose of the exercise is to study the behavior of the supply chain from the manufacturer (brewer - in our case) to the final consumer. For simplicity, it is assumed that there is only one distributor, one wholesaler, one retailer and one consumer. Students will be divided into groups of 9. From each group, one student will play the role of the consumer, two students will represent the retailer, two will represent the wholesaler, two more will represent the distributor and the remaining two more will represent the brewer. The consumer at each table will act as the group leader. Several groups may be simultaneously involved in this exercise and may compete against each other. The exercise will involve simulation of the operation for 40 days . The layout for the exercise for each group is shown below (actual layout may be slightly different). Small boxes to the left of each warehouse represent stages of pipeline inventory. Stage number is shown in the box. There are two brewing stages; beer stays in each stage for one day. For the others (distributor, wholesaler and retailer) three stages denote inventory in transit; each stage
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BeerDistributionGame - Brewer 1 Warehouse

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