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FDDx_new_PartI.doc 1 FDDx: Process F low D esign and Trial Production D emo Ex ercise 1 Part I 1. General description: This exercise involves multiple groups performing similar activities. Each group represents a manufacturing company. The company has just won a contract to assemble three models of a product called Beacon . These models are called Plain Beacon (with red LED), Power Saving Beacon (with green LED) and Deluxe Beacon (with red and green LEDs). For convenience these models are simply called R, G and D for the color used for LEDs (R for red, G for green and D stands for dual). On the specified date each will setup an assembly line and make a trial production run based on customer orders. The exercise will be performed in three phases: Phase 1 (planning phase) takes place prior to the production run. Each group will design the process flow for assembly and testing operations. A report will be prepared by each group and submitted to the exercise coordinator. Phase 2 is the demonstration of production capability through a trial production run. Phase 3 involves preparation of a post-production report and making a presentation. The objective of this exercise is to design an efficient production system, to maximize “net revenue” during the trial production run and to recommend future process improvements. This document mainly provides a general description of the exercise. Detailed requirements including timing, due dates and what is expected is provided in part II. Everyone is expected to read both documents thoroughly. Phase 1: Before phase 1 begins, the coordinator will divide the participants into groups and appoint group leaders. In phase 1, each group generally holds several meetings. The group consists of members of production and quality assurance departments. Members of production department will be known as PR Team and members of quality assurance will be called the QA Team . Details of Phase 1 activities are explained in another document (Part II). Phase 2: When the class gathers for the trial production demonstration, the PR Team will be given tables and chairs to set up the production process. A common store in a central location will be set up to supply components to all production teams for the trial production run. The QA Team will not inspect products made by their own PR Team . They will act as customers and will inspect products supplied by the production team of a different group. The coordinator will announce the supplier – customer combinations at the start of phase 2. Before the start of the trial production run, the exercise coordinator will present a brief set of instructions. Each PR Team will set-up the process layout and production workers will take appropriate positions. A packet containing different components will be given to each group leader. Each QA Team will sit in designated places close to production area of their suppliers. The exercise coordinator will signal the start the exercise and start a stopwatch. The duration of
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FDDx_new_PartI - FDDx Process Flow Design and Trial...

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