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FDDx: Process F low D esign and Trial Production D emo Ex ercise 1 Part II – details, due dates and what is expected Important dates D1: April 20 D2: April 21 D3: April 26 1. Group Formation: The instructor will divide the class into several groups and select the “ Group Leader ” and the “ Deputy Leader ” for each group. Each group represents a company. 2. Planning meetings:  Group leader: Contact all group members. Meet as soon as possible. Decide on at least the following points. Selection of a suitable name to your company. Splitting the group into two teams: Quality Assurance (QA) Team led by the Deputy Group Leader (DGC) The QA team typically consists of 2 members (including DGC) and a backup member (if possible). Make sure that the QA team understands the roles clearly. Team members are expected to carry out inspection of incoming products supplied by another company. Production (PR) Team led by the Group Leader (GL) The PR team typically consists of 7 or 8 members (including GC) who will be actually involved in the production (you can assign more than 8 or less than 7). If the group has additional members (not in the QA or the PR team), designate them as PR Trainees . Assign people for preparing reports 1 and 2 (see next section). Decide on future meetings. Some meetings may be held separately by the PR and QA teams for practicing production operations, discussing QA requirements etc. 3. Reports: See format of the cover page at the end of this document. Report 1 : This report is due on the day of the exercise (D2). Please bring it to the place of exercise and hand it to the instructor when asked . Overall responsibility is with the Group Leader . The Deputy Leader is responsible for section 4. Include the cover page and the following four sections. 1. Task allocation - Include a table with list of all people and what responsibilities they have (see sample table on page 4). 2. System design - Discuss type of system (push – pull, make to stock – assemble to order, etc.) you plan to use. Explain the layout indicating positions of people. Explain the following: (1) Strategies for the first ten minutes of the exercise. (2) Plans to handle defective product returned by the customers. (3) What cross training you have provided. (4) What plans you have if there is a bottleneck, if someone is absent, etc. 3. Information requirements
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