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Unformatted text preview: Process Flow Design and Trial Production Demo Exercise (FDDx) Ex (FDDx) Three models of beacons Plain Power Saving Deluxe Plain Power saving Deluxe Attendance is required! required! Follow all instructions and deadlines FDDx_Sp10 1 FDDx_Sp10 2 MGMT 36100 MGMT 36100 Do Do not remove the chip and do not mark holes with marker pen. Chip Wire: Cut, splice, insert. Use same color wires on one unit. You can make one deluxe with green, next deluxe with red. Components Components are inserted in specific locations. Use letters on top or bottom of the board. use use numbers only from the left. Insert Insert 220 Ω resistor in B7 - B8 Insert 3K Ω resistor in X8-A8 X8- Breadboard with chip Approx. size: 2” x 3½” 3½” FDDx_Sp10 FDDx_Sp10 Y 1 5 10 15 20 Y F G H I J F G H I J A B C D E 1 5 10 15 20 A B C D E X X Y 1 5 10 15 F G H I J A B C D E 1 5 10 15 X L.E.D. Capacitor Buzzer: used on deluxe Insert wire of length 35mm in D9 - G8 20 Y F G H I J 20 A B C D E X Resistors L.E.Ds. and buzzers have 220Ω, 1KΩ, positive & negative terminals 3KΩ 3 FDDx_Sp10 4 MGMT 36100 MGMT 36100 1 Exercise Exercise day setup: 1. Select a layout using two tables. The The production team will sit at these tables. Trainees & QA workers will sit elsewhere at designated places. 2. Instructor will give a box filled with components with components and and tools. Exercise timings: 1. 1. Clock time: 0 to 10 minutes – Start making products using material provided in the box (you do not know exact customer orders at this time). 2. Clock time: 10 minutes – Go to your customer’s QA and pick up orders. Store opens at this time. 3. Clock time: 10 - 37 minutes – Make and deliver products as per the exact sequence of orders. Go to store as often as you need (take a plate or a cup) and bring new components for production. 3. Set material on the tables and wait. Do not cut wires or insert components on the boards. Instructor will start a stop watch to begin the exercise. FDDx_Sp10 5 MGMT 36100 2 0 1 5 1 0 0 5 1 4. Clock time: 37 minutes – Store closes. 5. Clock time: 37 to 40 minutes – Keep producing and delivering. The exercise ends at the end of 40 minutes. 6. Post exercise – QA will count inventory. Return components to the store and clean up the production area. Components taken from the stores cannot be returned (unless defective). So, do not take excessive amounts. FDDx_Sp10 6 MGMT 36100 Testing: Harvard exercise Timer chip: LM3909N Deluxe unit has one LED Our exercise Timer chip: LM555CN Deluxe unit has two LEDs Resistors added Wires of same color available All orders released together at 10 minute mark in the exercise. Deliver a batch of 5 at a time in proper sequence. Only initial and final inventory is recorded. Longer duration, two production Shorter duration, one production runs. Production QA QA run. Production QA QA Wire Wire snaps on the battery only in one way – makes red wire as positive lead and pos an black black wire as negative lead. Y23 negative When testing, do not keep battery leads inserted for too long (heats up the battery). battery). Remove the connector at the end of the exercise. FDDx_Sp10 No resistors Wires of specified colors Orders released one unit at a time. Deliver one unit at a time in proper sequence. Items taken from store are recorded immediately. X23 - + 7 FDDx_Sp10 8 MGMT 36100 MGMT 36100 FDDx_Sp10 2 ...
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