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FDDxGroups2_Sp10 - Knapp Colin [email protected] Odea...

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MGMT 36100, spring: 2010 FDDx Groups 0900 to 1015 GROUP 1 Agnew Kelli [email protected] Boes Bradley [email protected] Alreja Natasha* [email protected] Bray Robert [email protected] Banerjee Rishi [email protected] Brightwell Albert [email protected] Berndt Robert [email protected] Budmats Lara [email protected] Bloom Kayla [email protected] Cesarone Nicholas [email protected] Choe Euri [email protected] GROUP 2 Co Jessica [email protected] Gamss Ryan [email protected] Dearth Kayla [email protected] Hemmerlein Andrew [email protected] Delgado Veronica [email protected] Hoffman Jacob* [email protected] Dziadon Jonathon [email protected] Holbrook Leslie [email protected] Fernandez Humberto [email protected] Hong Seungwoo [email protected] GROUP 3 Jones Adam [email protected] Kovalenko Alexander* [email protected] Keough Ryan [email protected] Larson David [email protected] Kewman Benjamin [email protected] Lutz Katie [email protected] Kim Dongjin [email protected] Mcateer Cameron [email protected]
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Unformatted text preview: Knapp Colin [email protected] Odea Nichole [email protected] GROUP 4 Opris Trevor [email protected] Prichodko Nicholas [email protected] Otis Grant [email protected] Rihm Christop [email protected] Park Su Jin [email protected] Robinson Julia [email protected] Perfect Isabel* [email protected] Schaefer Kathryn [email protected] Pitts Michael [email protected] Sharpe Andrew [email protected] GROUP 5 Short Shonna [email protected] Weisman Andrew [email protected] Staley Kathleen* [email protected] Wu Hao [email protected] Stone Calvin [email protected] Young Kevin [email protected] Swisshelm Andrew [email protected] Zbikowski Douglas [email protected] Weimer Anna [email protected] Zhang Jiacheng [email protected] Names of group leaders are shown in large bold font and deputy leaders are shown in bold with *. 299e41e32ae59902da82b65058103dc592ebfbdb...
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