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HW02 Sp10.docx Page 1 MGMT 36100: HW 02 40 Points Due: February 10, 2010 Show your calculations Submit one copy per group. Neatness is expected. Question 1(18 points – 3, 2, 4, 4 and 5): For the information shown, answer the following. ( Tiebreaker: The largest task number comes first .). (a) Develop the precedence diagram. Write tasks times next to each task. (b) Determine the target cycle time in seconds and the lower bound on number of stations needed for a desired output of at least 500 units in a 7 hour day. Cycle time should be in integer number of seconds. (c) Perform line balancing using the LPT method, calculate effective cycle time, line efficiency and show layout. Use appropriate tables. (d) Repeat part (c) using LPT method but with the condition that tasks 4 and 5 cannot be done in the same station (add appropriate tables). Also write task weights besides task times in the diagram. (e)
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