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Letter Doctor

Letter Doctor - these years which is the reason for my...

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Hi John its Adam. I don't know if you remember me, I had a few prolo treatments with you a couple of  years ago, I had years of chronic pain in my lower back following a biking accident.    I just thought I'd drop you an e-mail to let you know, that I really appreciated the work you did for me,  and that my choice to discontinue was nothing to do with you. I just had a gut feeling that my pain was  not prolotherapy related as I've worked with other prolotherapists with absolutely zero alleviation.    Well fortunatly things have finally turned up for me, almost like a miracle. After recently seeing a  surgeon and getting another bone scan it was discovered that the tests done over 7 years ago,  actually missed a fracture in my spine, and that I've actually been living with a crack in my back all 
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Unformatted text preview: these years, which is the reason for my chronic pain! He said that I am probably going to need a screw inserted in my back and that I actually SHOULD have had surgery a long time ago. It's amazing how something like this can happen to a person, I'm just so happy that a diagnosis has finally been revealed and there is a REASON for my pain and a REASON why prolotherapy didn't work. I could've done prolotherapy for the rest of my life, with no improvements. That being said out of all the therapists I've worked with till this point, I enjoyed your patience the most Regards, Adam...
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