Marty the faggots second assignment

Marty the faggots second assignment - Proposal for a...

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Proposal for a Childrens Charity Foundation prepared for the British Columbia Ministry of Health In efforts to help the many needy areas of British Columbia, a community-based non-profit organization called “The Children’s Wish Foundation” is a fantastic idea for helping those less fortunate. It will focus on providing nutritional education and counselling for mothers, especially those from extremely low income areas. It is expected that providing information to the mothers will have a direct and positive effect on the well being of the young children and families of the community. The Children’s Wish Foundation (CWF) will utilize volunteers who are students at various universities around BC. Each student will be expected to successfully participate in a 4 week training program at the beginning of their work with the charity group. This training program will provide basic nutritional information for mothers, and information about healthy living. Student volunteers, who demonstrate proficiency during the initial training program, will be invited to participate in an advanced training program to learn effective nutritional practices. Each student volunteer will be expected to contribute 3-5 hours each week and to continue for a period of at least 6 months. The Organization will operate with 6 full and part time staff members. In addition, a Governing Board made up of community leaders will operate to provide overall sanctioning of the Center's operation. Periodic evaluations will be conducted to gauge progress on a) helping the student volunteers to become effective educators, b) the development of new understandings on the part of local mothers and c) the improvement of the well being of children in rural areas of British Columbia. BACKGROUND INFORMATION/STATEMENT OF PROBLEM
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Marty the faggots second assignment - Proposal for a...

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