My back pain diary

My back pain diary - Fosho14 hello there First of all I am...

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Fosho14 hello there, First of all I am only 19 years old!!! I have had chronic low back pain for over 5 years following a biking accident. Have had mri, ct, xray and bone density scans ALL of which have come up with nothing. I have tried literally every type of alternative therapy out there (massage chiro, too many to list) and relentlessly attempted to work with multiple physiotherapists. Finally I was put on a waitlist for a highly qualified physiatrist and depressingly enough all He had to say was, "try going to another physical therapist." I could not believe my ears! Sadly after all this hard work and effort NOTHING has improved my pain. I know it sounds pessemistic but I would almost love to have someone just tell me "you gave it your best shot, but theres nothing anyone can do about your pain." Seriously theres nothing else a person can do for their back pain if what I've written so far has happened to them, they are cursed for life and have to live with it. Am I right????????????????????????????????????? ???? (I don't believe there is a god after this experience. Life for me has gone away from being fun to becoming a constant chore of finding help for my back every god dam day!) Did you find this post useful? | Replies(22) littleonefb replied on November 24th, 2009 Extremely eHealthy I'm so sorry you are in so much pain and at your age it must be very, very difficult. How long ago did you have your MRI and CT done? Are they recent or several years old? Why did you see a physiatrist and not a spine surgeon for evaluation? It sounds like you need to see a spine surgeon for evaluation. Fran Did you find this post useful? | spinepatient replied on November 24th, 2009 New User fosho14, I've been through this myself, starting at age 29. What I've learned is that it's really all about getting to the right doctor. I do know what a pain it is to have to keep telling your story over and over, hoping someone in a position to help you will do just that. Gather your team and make sure everyone on the team (docs, physical therapists, etc.) has a positive, willing attitude of "problem-solving". And NO NOT GIVE UP. If you get a gut feeling that a doctor is leading you down the wrong path, listen to your gut. You don't HAVE to agree with your doctor. It's always okay to get a second opinion, even if you do agree with your doctor. My advice is that you seek out an excellent spinal neurosurgeon, versus an orthopedic surgeon.
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Nerves are key, and the neurosurgeons specialize in this. BTW, there are SO many conservative options available to you now through a pain management clinic. Again, you need to find a PM doctor that is a problem-solver, whose goal is to get you out of pain and not get you addicted to drugs. Take it a step at a time and keep pushing forward. My life has quickly gone in a direction (because of enrelenting pain) that I would have not imagined and I understand the urge to become bitter. Please turn toward God and just throw it all at him. Tell
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My back pain diary - Fosho14 hello there First of all I am...

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