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Peer Evaluation

Peer Evaluation - through use of eye contact but as far as...

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Peer Evaluation Jake (evaluated by Adam) Presentation on Apple March 22, 2010 Speech Design: I think Jake chose an excellent topic in selecting Apple as a subject to talk about; however his planning could have been more well prepared. I liked how he listed many positive attributes about what the company has accomplished and what it has to offer, but his speech design was missing the introductory and concluding segments of his speech, so technically the roadmap was a bit murky. Nevertheless, I do believe that he had a logical pattern and flow in presenting his ideas once the speech was in motion. Speech Delivery: It was clear that Jake hadn’t practiced his speech very much if not at all. That being said I think he did a descent job at improvising with the change in his pitch and tone of voice to accentuate more expression while reading off his notes. Obviously it was not ideal that he was using his paper as a primary reference throughout the majority of the lecture, but he did look up frequently which helped a lot. He could have connected more with the audience
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Unformatted text preview: through use of eye contact, but as far as nervousness goes he appeared less nervous than me I believe. Areas of improvement: I’m confident that if Jake had of practiced more and put in the time and effort he would have had a more solid performance. I like how when he speaks it is relaxed and natural and he doesn’t swallow and shake like I do. Though it would be interesting to see him do the presentation over again without using the paper as a cheat sheet because that tends to have a powerful affect on people’s confidence, and often we see the nervousness come out more when students did not have anything in front of them to read off. I also like how his PowerPoint was simple and to the point. If I was doing my speech on apple however, I would have tried to highlight some of their premier products a little bit more effectively and discussed what separates these products from that of the rest of the world. All in all I thought it was an average presentation....
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