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Cole Bowden Nov. 13/09 Career Exploration Project 1.) National Occupational Classification (NOC) number: ___________ (must be four numbers) - The National Occupational Classification number I have is 3113. 2.) What does this potential career involve. .. what would your job responsibilities include during a typical day? - The potential career that I am interested in is being a dentist. In a typical day a dentist might examine patients' teeth, gums and jaws to diagnose disease, injury and decay. They may also clean teeth, repair damaged teeth and oral tissues, and educate patients on oral hygiene techniques. Another thing that dentists are very capable of doing is extracting teeth and making moulds for replacement devices such as bridges and dentures.
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Unformatted text preview: 3.) What skills and attributes are needed for success in this position?- The skills and attributes needed for success in this position are keen observational skills, as well as accurate assessment qualities, and a personal and friendly demeanour in order to relate positively to patients. 4.) What type of post-secondary education or training do you need to be successful in your potential career path? As being a dentist, you must be able to perform at a high level of intelligence. This means you must complete your DMD, which is a Dental Medicine degree. Entry into the program requires at least three years of post-secondary studies with some prerequisite courses, a minimum GPA, and a minimum score on the Dental Aptitude Test (DAT)....
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