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question I'm dying to know the answer to

question I'm dying to know the answer to - respectable such...

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I've known this girl casually as a friend for about 4 months now, here and there, definitely not super tight. Shes an absolutely gorgeous girl I'd say 9.5/10 and we hit it off at the club. I definitely don't usually get bombshell model type girls this beautiful, so the experience has still been pretty surreal. During our time at the club she actually said "do me tonight" but it didn't end up happening; with all the loud music, dancing and alcohol things seem to change rapidly in clubs. All this happened 3 nights ago and then I texted her the next day, and I was initiating plans to meet up somewhere more
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Unformatted text preview: respectable such as a restaurant not a nightclub where were both drunk, so we can actually talk! She said, "sounds good" and then I asked her what days she is available that work with her schedule, and she said "umm depends when I work, I haven't looked at the schedule yet, but I'll letcha know" this was on sunday and it is now tuesday. .. She's probably not interested right? And it would probably look desperate if I called her right? ..... since theres been no word in 3 days Its too bad because I really thought we had something....
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