Questions - H i Sharon I just wanted to let you know that...

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Hi Sharon I just wanted to let you know that I’m getting a little discouraged working here. I like my co-workers and everyone else including you, but unfortunately I am not on good terms with management (that being you), which is the most essential person to be established with. There are many reasons why, so I will try to list them as clear as possible without trying to rant. The last time we spoke, we made absolutely no headway, I don’t know if it was the way I worded it or if my argument wasn’t persuasive enough. Either way, here is my attempt to fill in some of the gaps. First of all I felt that I was a little bit insulted when you said I don’t have the “skills” to be a server. This is a job that requires no education and mainly on the job training and experience which is something I cannot gain unless I am given the chance. I really don’t know what you’re implying; I guess that I’m a bad worker? I know that I do my job as good as any of the other expos, so I’m confused about what you’re talking about. If I’ve been working here this long and you are still reluctant to give me a chance, then it leads me to believe that you are not interested in the idea at all. This is irritating to me, for obvious reasons. .. If someone has never served before it is impossible to get experience without being trained at a restaurant. Like anything the more you do it the more you improve.
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Questions - H i Sharon I just wanted to let you know that...

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