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Trouble Letter Scenario #2 Dear Mr. Wittman Thank you for your letter regarding the Canon PS A75 camera. Firstly please accept our many apologies for the trouble caused to you by the Alberta office. We are currently investigating the reasons behind this, and will be talking to head office at the Alberta bureau to look into who you were speaking with at the time. We treat these matters very seriously and once we find out who you were communicating with we will take the necessary disciplinary action upon that individual for his negligence. With reference to our customer relations department and repair agents, we sincerely apologise for their lack of concern. We recognize that the time you have been waiting is unreasonable and inexcusable. It is evident that the usual high standards of our products /
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Unformatted text preview: services were not met in this instance. To prevent re-occurrences we have implemented a new system within our company to ensure more diligent diagnostic examination and quicker shipping response time out of our repair branch. As a gesture of our regret and to show our goodwill, we would like to send you a brand new Canon PS A75. We have dispatched the new item by express courier and it should arrive in a few days. We apologise for the inconvenience our business has caused you and assure you of our best attention to your future orders. Hopefully this will settle the matter to your full satisfaction and that our friendly relationship will continue as before. Best Regards Fujio Mitarai Customer Relations Director Canon Inc....
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