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Response Paper 1 - The Mystery of Fetal Development...

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The Mystery of Fetal Development Response The article entitled “The Mystery of Fetal Life: Secrets from the womb”, penned by John Pekkanen, was meant to provide the reader with a relatively thorough survey of the fetal environment and how it might be affected by those factors which occur both in the external environment, to which the mother is subject, as well as by the very things which the mother is bringing into her own body consciously. The author suggests in his article that one take caution, and shows as support of his alarming position a slew of data collected from around the globe which suggest that certain chemicals, even in moderate amounts might affect the fetal development and ultimately the newborn. The most harrowing of the author’s claims, in fact, is his stance that would predict that the most dangerous substances to affect the development of the fetus are in fact hard to detect and consumed mostly unwittingly; he suggests that mothers take care even when selecting canned tuna, stating the startling fact that “The more-expensive canned tuna, such as albacore and solid white tuna, usually carried higher methylmercury levels, according to the survey.” (Pekkanen , p. 6). Many of the examples given by the author in the article were available to students
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Response Paper 1 - The Mystery of Fetal Development...

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